Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For instructions on how to connect see the help section.
Yes, you can mine with a CPU. However, it might take several hours to find a single share.
Yes, GPU mining is currently the most profitable way to mine Grin.
No. The current GPU solver requires a NVIDIA CPU.
No. Cuck(at)oo/Cuck(ar)oo cycle requires at least 6GB of memory on your GPU.
The block reward is 60 grins.
The Grin block time is set to one minute.
In order to receive grins directly in your wallet with HTTP payouts, you have to set a valid wallet IP or domain in your dashboard settings.
Make sure your wallet is reachable from the outside. In your grin-wallet.toml, you must have set the following value api_listen_interface = "".
In order to receive grins in your wallet you need to do two things. First, you have to "receive" the transaction in your wallet with the 'grin wallet receive' command. Finally, upload the transaction in your dashboard by clicking the "Finalize Transaction" button. That's it!
Grin requires at least 24 hours (1440 blocks) before the coinbase is transferable.
You can learn more about Grin in the Grin Wiki.